Astral Vessel 0170

Astral Vessel 0170


Vessel Color: Bright Spring Green

Size: Diameter 1-3/8" X 2-1/8"" Tall


The green guilloche enamel inset into the cap of this vernal vessel is encased by a lathe-turned and hand pierced bezel made of Mokume Gane patterned metal that was constructed from layers of Sterling Silver, Copper and 5% Shibuichi, a traditional Japanese copper/silver alloy for sword furniture and decorative metalwork. Each metal in the fused laminate reacts differently to the applied patina to reveal the woodgrain patterns that run throughout the thickness of the metal.


At the focus of the enamel pattern floats a beautiful Moonstone set in its own Mokume Gane bezel, while a tiny diamond winks down from above.


Undulating below this organic scene is a repeating wave pattern that was engraved on the sidewalls of the cap using on our 1915 Rose Engine, while the vessel body was carved with 24 classic flutes on our 1875 Ornamental Lathe.


This special container is one of the most sophisticated Vessels we offer in this size. A true One-of-a-Kind and Heirloom Creation.