Astral Vessel 0177

Astral Vessel 0177


Vessel Color: Taupe

Size: Diameter 1-3/8" X 2-1/8"" Tall


This spectacular Vessel features an African Spessartite Garnet set in an 18k Gold bezel with a stripe of green champleve Enamel. It’s perched on top of a cobalt blue guilloche Enamel disc engraved with the inverse of the waveform we carved into the top edge of the cap with our 1915 Rose 🌹 Engine. The classic and complimentary fluting pattern on the body below was cut using our 1875 Ornamental Lathe.


This Vessel is a harmonious and tailored Color Riot for your Most Precious Cargo! --sealed within O-ring and made in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, for your Pleasure - - and ours!