Vessel 0172

Vessel 0172


Vessel Color: Taupe

Size: Diameter 1-3/8" X 2-3/8"" Tall


This very special vessel features a custom cut Celadon Quartz gemstone (weight 10.63 ct.) set in a lathe turned and millgrained 18k gold bezel, seated in the center of an 18-point emblem that was rose-carved into the cap.


Binding the top edge of the cap with a positive grip and framing the central ornament is a custom designed casing made from Sterling-Copper mokume gane, which we then rose-carved to reveal the organic patterning within this traditional Japanese metal laminate.


The body of this very contemporary vessel was carved with 18 complimentary flutes and then cross-cut using our 1875 ornamental lathe. 


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