Vessel 0180

Vessel 0180


Vessel Color: Taupe

Size: Diameter 1-3/8" X 2-1/8"" Tall


This special Vessel features a charcoal-finish Sterling finial cast from an original relief engraving by Amayak Stepanyan. The fierce Dragon chases its long body around the base of the finial, weaving through the clouds to find and seize its object of Desire. This dramatic oriental scene is crowned by a beautiful high-dome Chrysoprase cabochon from Australia weighing 5.56 ct. and set in a lathe-turned and millgrained 18k Yellow Gold bezel.


A fine Engine Turned pattern textures the side walls of the cap while the top surface has been Rose Carved with a 24-wave pattern using the same antique machine. These waves in turn align with the 24 flutes carved into the vessel body by our 1875 Goyen Ornamental Lathe.


A stunning portrait of power and symmetry!